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Starting only with audio related stuffs, in 2005 m-jayz was initiated by Michael Jordon in Sydney, Australia as a platform to maintain designer’s creativity, personal idealism and self expression. We then joined many international competitions and start getting projects. We have fun, a lot, and our clients are happy. As time passed, our brand is growing and so does our service list. We are now covering, possibly, almost everything you need, from storytelling, design, and multimedia.

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A good story hooks your audience well through its well developed aspects. We provide publication related service ranging from writing, translation, and editing. Interested in doing illustration in various unique styles?
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Design means problem solving in a creative way. What can we help you with?
Graphic design, branding, packaging design, advertising, layouting, basically everything.
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What comes to your mind when you hear the word multimedia?
New media design including digital advertising, website, game, video, music, podcast
and animation. We create, we develop, we make them interactive.
The possibilities are endless!
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