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Somewhere in the backstreets of Sydney Australia 13 years ago, m-jayz was born, all because someone (MJ) had a fond desire to explore and showcase all kinds of random creativity stuffs, the desire to self express was REAL, and it hasn’t waned one bit. M-jayz then grew up a little, progressing onto the international scene and started winning projects and awards and such. As time passed, m-jayz as a brand evolved. M-jayz now offers a wide array of creative services covering pretty much everything you’d likely ever need and more. From Storytelling, Design, Multimedia etc. M-jayz has fun, a lot of fun, and apparently our clients are happy too.

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A good story is ‘one that is told well’ even a bad story can be told well.

Making it applicable is what separates the men from the boys, it needs publication, and m-jayz knows how to write, translate, edit and of course set everything up for print. And when it comes to illustration, we have a load of various styles to play with.

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Design means solving problems and achieving objectives creatively.

Design is our bread and butter, how can we help you? We offer Graphic Design, Branding, Packaging, Advertising, Layout... You know, basically everything design.

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The word multimedia is bit of an old school word these days, but the meaning still encompasses pretty much what it says.

M-jayz deals massively in new media design services that include Digital Advertising, Website Production, Game Dev, Apps, Video, Music, Sound, Podcasting... Animation etc.

We imagine, we develop, we make’m ‘interactive’.

The possibilities are totally endless!
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